Dr. Scholl's


We are proud to have partnered with such an iconic brand as Dr. Scholl's as it launches a new 360 campaign for a range of its products. The campaign, consisting of both on-air and online commercials as well as new packaging aims to connect with customers informing them that when it comes to pain… There’s a Dr. Scholl’s for that.


Using Dr. Scholl’s brand assets and identity, we designed a range of kinetic type and demo animations, to create a compelling and engaging campaign the reinforces the brand’s values and messaging.
The yellow dot in the Dr. Scholl’s logo becomes an important visual device that adds personality and function to the brand identity. Concentric circles radiate from the dot reinforcing the message that the product is actively working to remedy the customer’s pain.


Dr Scholl’s also implemented their newly established visual identity system across international markets, digital and social media, for a truly 360 campaign.