VIA | Save A Lot


Save a Lot is a simple no-nonsense brand that delivers shockingly low prices with surprising quality and savings made easy.
Our aim with the campaign is to fully exploit the Lot Dot’s personality, energy and ability to seamlessly deliver brand messaging and information of products and pricing in a fun and inventive way.

Audio design was crucial to give life to the dot animations. It gave us the ability to greatly enhance the animation effects and kinetic typography. We think you’re gonna like it A Lot A Lot.


The Lot Dot campaign is geared toward broadening its audience reach and appeal while continuing to highlight the savings, fun and "yum" shoppers have come to expect from the grocer. The reach was extended from on-air to a broad range of digital formats including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at 9x16, 1x1 and 4x5 ratios. We also created a range of dot branding animations for the website to assist in their re-brand.