PFL is the first and only MMA league with a true sports-season format where elite fighters from around the world compete in a Regular Season, Playoffs and Championship. We were proud to partner again with the PFL to create the 2022 Season campaign. We designed and produced an explosive campaign that reflects this highly anticipated season. Shattered glass and bursts of fire accentuated the chaos inside the ring. As the season progressed into the playoffs, we designed a kinetic type motif to further drive home key messaging, including the league’s first international fights taking place in the UK.


The 2022 PFL Season culminated with The $6 Million Dollar World Championship, streaming live on ESPN and PPV from Madison Square Garden. To promote this extraordinary event we developed a range of distinctive promotions using gold accented 3D typography in larger than life environments. The dramatic design was combined with impactful editorial featuring the top fighters as they battled their way through a brutal season to finally win $1 million and that all important belt.