ESPN+ | PFL Promotional Campaign


We wanted to define the uniqueness of PFL league and set it apart from other MMA properties.
PFL has a distinctive competition structure. The playoff format is particularly exciting as athletes must compete and win twice in the same night to advance. Another interesting feature that fans can expect is the first-of-its-kind data and stats integration into ESPN’s broadcast created by PFL’s SmartCage technology. As a relatively new league we also felt it was important to introduce the fighters to the audience which we did with individual graphic titles.


The PFL league aims to disrupt the sport and we wanted to amplify this disruption both in the edit and graphic approach by adding some glitch effects to enhance the power of the sport. To tease the innovative technology aspect of the fights we also tracked some smart cage statistics to the action.

Thursday night is fight night on ESPN+ and we end the promotion with this title front and center.