The Bumble Bee Effect | 360 Campaign


Effortlessly depicting the many, many, many ways to use Bumble Bee Tuna in your next meal, these commercials are journeys that incorporate the expanse of social media. They cross between cinematic filmmaking, editorial photography, and everywhere in between. Everything about Millennial culture feels handmade and artisanal, oozing with craft culture featuring the 21st century farm to table lifestyle.


The Bumble Bee Effect is the key motivator propelling us on our journey through the social media ether. It is a 3 dimensional visual effect that warps the image while it accentuates the transition to and from the social world.


Bumble Bee Seafoods shows the #BumbleBeeEffect in action on social media. Users upload videos and images of their own dishes, including tuna tacos, tuna deviled eggs, tuna cakes, tuna sushi and tuna melts. The tasty pics get others hitting the like button and asking for recipes. The brand says when a super food actually tastes super, that's the Bumble Bee Effect.


Consumers are seeking “authentic emotional connections” with brands and the Bumble Bee Effect 360 marketing campaign is very successful at engaging the consumer both by on air and online.