BOOST | Here's to Now


The BOOST promise is all about providing the essential nutrients to make the most of your moments with family and friends. The ‘Here’s to Now’ campaign is all about capturing and showcasing those moments with positivity, humor and frankness.


The iconic BOOST bottles took center stage in the campaign. Building the bottles in 3D allowed us to add personality and energy to the animation, further enhancing the celebratory tone of the campaign. Utilizing the signature red as a backdrop throughout the spots reinforced the brand’s distinctive color. Kinetic type helped create a cohesive, dynamic animation system that compliments the energy of the on-camera talent. It’s essential the product looks appetizing. Using CG fluid dynamics, we were able to control every aspect of the chocolate in the demo scene to achieve the perfect viscosity and taste appeal.


The campaign kicked off around the new year, and real consumers were asked to submit their own photos and testimonials with the hashtag, #herestonow. The spots ran across social media, digital and broadcast. We explored the idea of mixing different aspect ratios of video throughout the spots. It serves the dual purpose of lending authenticity to the stories and performances, and added bursts of confetti to capitalize on the party atmosphere.