Ameriprise Financial


The Ameriprise brand platform is built on telling emotional stories and more tangibly showing why investors choose Ameriprise. In these two commercials we wanted to bring to life the facets and unique character illustration of Ameriprise’s brand assets to highlight the successful relationship between Ameriprise and their clients.


The characters are a key component of the project. They need to exude a warmth and emotional appeal in their interaction with both each other and the viewer. The characters represent the personal, human aspect of Ameriprise’s business and the animation should be engaging, fluid and natural.


We employed a combination of 3D graphics with 2D characters mapped into the 3D scenes while adhering to brand guidelines for the illustration style. Using this method allowed us to create caustic reflections emanating from the facets on the white surface planes as well as apply interesting materials to both the gold stars and the pedestal surfaces. It also gave us the flexibility and ease to change those materials as well as the camera motion.