Nickelodeon - Hasbro Family Game Night Challenge
You know you're having fun anytime you get to play with toys on the job. So naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to create a spot featuring all our favorite childhood games like Sorry!, Battleship, and Connect 4 for our friends at Nickelodeon. By combining stop motion green-screen photography with a retro posterized look, we heralded this contest promo from production through post.
Nick_hasbro_look2_fr001 Nick_hasbro_look2_fr002 Nick_hasbro_look2_fr003 Nick_hasbro_look2_fr004 Nick_hasbro_look2_fr005 Nick_hasbro_look2_fr006 Nick_hasbro_look2_fr007 Nick_hasbro_look2_fr008 Nick_hasbro_look2_fr009 Nick_hasbro_look2_fr010
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